Grinding Your Teeth Can Lead to a Variety of Problems

Reach out to us for TMD and Bruxism custom appliances

If you frequently clench or grind your teeth, we're here to help. First Town Dental offers non-invasive TMD, TMJ and Bruxism treatments and appliances. Our TMD appliances are designed to fit over your teeth, similar to a mouthguard, and can relieve pain, stiffness and discomfort that you experience with TMD.

A proper TMD or TMJ appliance will help reduce jaw stress and strain. Additionally, TMJ appliances:

  • Reduce pressure on jaw joints
  • Enable you to have better and more restful sleep
  • Help you avoid serious complications, inflammation and swelling
We also offer splint therapy, which typically lasts about three months and can provide long-term stability for those dealing with TMJ. Contact us at 506-328-8405 now to schedule your appointment.